Purchase and Trade Jewelry

Whether you desire a striking new piece or wish to swiftly convert your unwanted jewelry into cash, visit Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry. We specialize in purchasing unwanted jewelry and boast an ever-changing assortment of items at unbeatable prices, making it possible for you to afford all the jewels you desire.
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Trade Unwanted Jewelry

When it comes time to declutter your collection of fine jewelry, one of the most advantageous options is to sell your unwanted pieces for quick cash. We accept all kinds of fine jewelry for our inventory, including:

● Watches
● Necklaces
● Earrings
● Bracelets
● Rings
● Gold and silver chains

Upon bringing your unwanted jewelry to our shop, we meticulously appraise each piece based on its type, metal, and gemstone. Jewelry crafted from precious metals and adorned with gemstones hold greater value compared to other types of jewelry. Rings and necklaces are particularly sought-after items as they often feature precious jewels set in gold or silver, resulting in higher appraisal values.

Our expert appraiser will offer to purchase your piece for a percentage of its market value, typically exceeding what you would receive if you chose to pawn the jewelry instead. Should you decide to accept our offer, we provide cash for your unwanted jewelry, ensuring you walk away with money in your pocket while we acquire a new addition for our collection of pre-owned jewelry. Your pieces will find new homes with other patrons of our store who are searching for affordable fine jewelry.

Acquire Pre-Owned Jewelry

As we continually acquire unwanted jewelry, we make them available for sale in our shop, offering fantastic prices on statement pieces, fine jewelry, and loose gemstones. By purchasing loose gemstones, you have the opportunity to create custom jewelry and enhance your collection without straining your budget. Explore our selection of pre-owned jewelry for sale, where you can find:

● Crystals
● Rubies
● Diamonds
● Sapphires
● Emeralds

Many of these precious stones are beautifully embedded in fine jewelry pieces. Deconstruct statement pieces to fashion jewelry in your own unique style, or enhance your collection with exquisite rings and necklaces without breaking the bank.

Visit Us Today for Buying and Selling Jewelry

Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry is your destination for receiving cash for unwanted jewelry, as well as purchasing pre-owned items to upgrade your collection. Streamline your collection and bring your unwanted items to us for appraisal and cash offers. Alternatively, you can visit our pawnshop to explore and acquire second-hand jewelry. Don’t hesitate to visit us today and discover how we can enhance your jewelry collection.

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