Get Quick Cash With a Pawn Loan

Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and when unexpected expenses pop up, they need access to quick cash loans. You can obtain a pawn loan from Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry to get cash quickly while exchanging valuable personal items for collateral. Pawning jewelry or electronics for cash is a tool for receiving short-term loans that allow you to get back on your feet.
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How To Get a Cash Loan for Collateral Items

Obtaining a cash loan from us is simple because we do not check your credit to determine eligibility. We base all loans on the value of the collateral you provide. More valuable items qualify for larger loan amounts, so you may receive more cash for jewelry or electronics than for other items. We assess items by determining their fair market value. We can then offer you a percentage of that value in a loan.

Once we have agreed upon a loan amount, we print the terms of the loan on a pawn ticket. You’ll have four months to repay the loan in full, and once it has been repaid with interest, return the ticket and we’ll give you back your collateral items. You can extend the length of the loan if you need more time to pay it back, and if you don’t repay the amount, we simply keep your collateral as payment.

The biggest benefit of obtaining a pawn loan is that it grants you quick access to cash without requiring you to have a great credit score. You can put many types of items up as collateral, with valuable pieces such as jewelry offering the most money. Remember that the price of gold and silver constantly fluctuates, and you can earn more money from jewelry loans when the market is high. You can also make good cash for electronics.

Pawn loans are ideal for people who need to scrape up small loans quickly or don’t want to go through the hassle of applying for a bank loan. They are also beneficial for people who wish to obtain loans without pawning their valuables and selling them off for a fraction of their worth.

Why Work With Us for a Cash Loan?

Our pawn loans typically last for four months. At the end of your loan period, we’ll work with you to either accept repayment, negotiate an extension or accept your collateral as payback. We do not have a lengthy application process, and you can walk away with the cash you need in just a few minutes. The only two items you need for a pawn loan are a valid government-issued identification and some type of item to use as collateral. We accept many types of items as collateral, including:

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If you find yourself in a financial bind and need to come up with extra money quickly, bringing valuable items to Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry allows you to receive cash loans without pawning. You don’t have to sell your personal belongings, and you get them back as soon as you repay the loan. To learn more about our loan program, contact us today by giving us a call at 703-777-2520.

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