As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably looking for a gift for your significant other. Here at Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry we sell a variety of things that can make great gifts. So as you’re trying to decide what to buy before the 14th, stop by to see your options in person. Below are three suggestions that make great gifts this year.


Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift. There are so many types of jewelry that you can get your significant other. You don’t have to get them an engagement ring, although you could, there are so many other options. From styles, colors, to jewels, there are so many options for what you could purchase. If you’re looking for a classic valentine’s day gift, you can’t go wrong buying a necklace or earrings or both.


Does your significant other enjoy playing video games? Does their computer need an upgrade? Whatever the reason, electronics make great gifts. If your person isn’t really a jewelry wearer, this can be a great option. Stop by our store to see the options!


If your person collects things, finding them a gift that they can add to their collection that they don’t already have is a great idea. This creates a much more personalized gifting option. Getting a gift for them for their collection shows you pay attention to their likes and is sure to be a win.

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