There are several different types of guitar and string instruments. Below is a list of just some of the types of instruments that are guitars or similar to the guitar. This is not a complete list but it is the most common type of guitars or similar instruments.

Classical Acoustic

A classical acoustic guitar is probably the most popular type. This guitar has a bridge, strings, sound hole, fret board, tuning pegs, and a wooden body. They are usually made of wood and don’t have the capability to be plugged into an amp.


A bass guitar has a deeper sound than the classical acoustic guitar. Modeled after the standing string bass that’s normally found in an orchestra, the bass guitar has only four strings. These strings are thicker than the classical guitar strings and are often played as an accompaniment to the classical guitar. A bass is also almost always in an electric form where it’s plugged into an amp.


An electric guitar is often the kind of guitar that you will see at concerts and hear when listening to your favorite songs. This type of guitar doesn’t have a sound hole and it can’t be played if it isn’t hooked up to an amp.


Ukulele comes from Hawaii and it looks like a mini guitar. It’s sound is usually a little higher in pitch and it’s often used in place of a guitar. This is a good alternative if you don’t enjoy the sound of a guitar or if you’re first learning how to play.


A banjo has a round body that is used as a drum. These instruments only have five strings and they are associated with country or folk music.

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