When picking out jewelry or even when you’re deciding to sell your own jewelry, it’s important to have at least a little bit of knowledge about the different types of jewels. A professional jeweler will also be there to assist you in identifying any of your jewels as well as to give you some information about each kind of jewel if you ask. Below are five types of jewels and some information about each one.


Diamonds may be the jewel you recognize the most. It’s commonly used in engagement rings and is also a great jewel to select for your jewelry piece. Although most commonly thought of as a clear, sparkly color, diamonds actually come in a variety of colors. These jewels are also the most durable. This is why they’re often in engagement rings. They go great with any metal color and are a classic choice.


Emeralds are known for their vibrant green color. They’re not quite as durable as diamonds but still make for an excellent choice in a jewelry piece. Just like diamonds, they are valued based on the clarity and size of the jewel. Looking at an emerald in person is always the best way to tell the color and if it’s exactly what you want.


Rubies are red in color and also make a great accent jem or a bold choice. Although usually thought of as a deep red color, the color can actually range from a light pink to a purple to the red normally associated with the jewel. Rubies are also valued by their cut, clarity, and size. Rubies are not known to be the most durable so they’re not always recommended for an everyday piece of jewelry but they could be used. Just be careful to not drop it or scratch anything against it.


A sapphire is often thought of as blue in color but this isn’t always the case. Yes, sapphires are often blue, but they also come in a variety of colors. A sapphire is a great alternative to a diamond for engagement rings or other types of jewelry. This is a budget-friendly option.


Crystals is a broad term for many different types of crystals that all can be used in jewelry. There’s a variety of colors and cuts that can be used. Crystals can often have spiritual beliefs behind what they mean but they also vary from person to person as to their significance. A crystal in jewelry is a great choice for those looking to find variety.

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