The urge to collect things is not an unusual phenomenon. We often find ourselves with collections of things, whether on purpose or not. Other times we make a decision to start a collection of something we decide is important. Read the rest of this blog to discover some reasons you might want to collect or are collecting something.


One way to invest your money is actually through buying valuable, collectible items. This could be jewelry, instruments, electronics, or really anything else. If you’re wondering what you could collect that is a good investment, it’s always a good idea to do some research. When there’s something niche or well liked, it’s likely it might be a good investment.


Some people collect things because of the knowledge they can gain. Whether it’s historic significance or just a fascinating piece, most things have a story. Learning about gold or how things work is often enough of a reward when building a collection.

Social Interaction

Just like most hobbies, collecting creates community. We as humans seek social interactions and people with similar interests to ourselves. No matter what it is, it’s guaranteed there’s someone out there who is interested in the same thing as you. Whether this sense of community leads you to attend conventions or antique shows or anything else, often being a collector will allow you the opportunity to interact with others.


Many collections start due to some sort of emotional or nostalgic connection to a particular type of object. Maybe collecting specific jewelry pieces reminds you of your grandmother or you feel especially connected to guitars because you loved playing when you were younger. Either way when there’s an emotional attachment, it often helps to fuel your desire to collect.

Family and Friends

Sometimes a collection is inspired by other people first. Maybe as a kid your parents had a collection of something that they passed down to you. Or maybe they even included you in their hobby. Someone could have gifted you something and that inspired you to start a collection. Either way, often our family or friends can help influence our interests.

Just Because

Sometimes there isn’t a specific reason you chose to collect something beyond it’s just a fun activity you like to do. There’s not always alternative motives behind why we do something. This is just as valid as having a specific reason for your collection. Do things because you like them and don’t worry about justifying your interests to anyone else.

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