While it may seem like you know exactly what you want, other times picking out a piece of jewelry may seem difficult. Before you choose a piece or pieces that you want to wear, there’s some factors to consider.


Is there a specific occasion that you see yourself wearing jewelry to attend? This could be a wedding, fancy party, or anything similar. Or maybe you’re just looking for something that you could wear to anything or everyday. Thinking of the purpose of the jewelry will help you pick.


Diamonds are a classic jewel that looks good with any metal color or outfit. Their versatility makes for a great option when looking for something timeless and versatile.


Normally emeralds are a rich green color, but there’s also variety in the color sometimes. If you’re looking to add a pop of green or something elegant, an emerald is an excellent choice.


Rubies are a beautiful red color that is often associated with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. They’re a great choice for if you’re looking for a pop of red or want the classic feel but don’t want diamonds.


Known for their variety of colors, and are often used instead of a diamond because there’s a clear color option. Sapphires are nearly as hard as diamonds and make for a great alternative for when you want a similar look but don’t want a diamond. They’re also commonly blue in color, which makes it a great choice if you enjoy blue.


Crystals come in a variety of kinds, colors, and prices. These are a versatile option and great for if you’re looking for something that’s better suited for everyday use. When it comes down to it, picking a piece of jewelry comes down to personal preference. There’s not a right or wrong choice.

Silver vs. Gold

When it comes between choosing between a silver or a gold jewelry piece it could depend on many factors. One of those could be which you gravitate towards more, gold or silver. Another is which you think looks better with your skin tone. Many say that silver is meant for people with cooler undertones while gold is for those with warmer undertones. It also could depend on which you prefer with the kind of stone you choose to go on it.


If you’re just looking for a necklace or earrings or whatever other kind of jewelry you’re looking for, then this isn’t as important. But if you’re looking for multiple items such as a bracelet, ring, and necklace, you may want to consider getting pieces that match. You don’t normally want to mix gold and silver jewelry, but you can if you want, but normally you want to try to find pieces you can wear together.

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