It’s never guaranteed what you might find at your local pawn shop; stock is constantly changing, and it’s rare to see the same thing twice on different visits. This being said, you can always count on finding something unique and perfect for a gift! If you’re looking for a less expensive, unique alternative to buying a brand new gift, read our guide for what to purchase for your loved ones this holiday season.


While it’s not always a good idea to go in with something specific in mind, you can almost always happen upon a unique piece of jewelry when you walk into a pawn shop. Rings with beautiful gemstones, vintage brooches, and necklaces made of precious metals are just a few examples of pieces a pawn shop may have. If you’re searching for a timeless piece of jewelry for a loved one, a pawn shop is a great place to start looking.


If you have a child or loved one interested in picking up a new hobby, an instrument is a great gift! Pawnshops often carry a variety of gently used instruments such as guitars, keyboards, and more that are in excellent condition. Pawnshops are a much cheaper alternative to purchasing new or used from a traditional music store.


Electronics are always high in demand, so pawn shops typically have a large variety of video game consoles, computers, and cameras available. You can feel confident that you can find a perfect electronic device for anyone’s taste when you walk into a pawn shop. Purchase a nice film camera for a photography lover, a video game or console for a gamer, or a computer for a soon to be high school graduate!


Antiques are one of the most common things you can stumble upon in a pawn shop. Anyone who appreciates old, classic pieces is sure to love an antique as a holiday gift! Whether it be antique tea sets and dishware, furniture, or home decor, there’s always something interesting to look at.

Designer Items:

If you get lucky, you can sometimes find designer items at pawn shops such as purses, shoes, or jewelry. This is an excellent gift idea for any teenage girl or young adult that likes to wear the latest trends and brand names. Buying a designer at a pawn shop is always cheaper than buying brand new and almost always significantly less expensive than buying from alternative second-hand websites or stores.

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