When you enter a pawn shop you can expect to find all sorts of treasures ranging from instruments, to video games and computers. However, one of the most popular items at pawn shops is precious metals in the form of jewelry, silverware, etc. Precious metals are one of the only items that will have a high value and demand for years and years to come. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Rhodium are all precious metals you can expect to find in a pawn shop or that you can count on to be able to sell to a shop.


Platinum is actually 15 times rarer than gold. Platinum is highly sought after due to how easy it is to shape and maneuver. Platinum is popularly found in jewelry due to its silver color, utensils for its ability to shape and how it isn’t prone to corrosion, electronics, and more. Platinum can be used for a wide variety of different things which is why it’s so rare and sought after.


Gold is one of the most in demand precious metals due to the fact that it does not rust or tarnish. It continues to grow in popularity within the jewelry industry for this reason alone. Gold is a great investment because of its rarity and scarce resources. Not only is gold found in jewelry, it’s found in everything from coins to electronics! Gold is timeless and can last for hundreds of years. You never know what kind of gold you might find at a pawn shop so come on in today and look for yourself!


Silver is yet another rare and precious metal that is often used within the jewelry industry. While it’s not as rare or durable as gold, it’s still incredibly durable and is sure to last a long time. Silver is a popular choice when it comes to things such as engagement rings, pendants, and other types of jewelry. It’s also commonly used for eating utensils, coins, dentist utensils, electronics, and more. You’re bound to find a beautiful silver treasure every time you walk into a pawn shop.


Rhodium is set apart from other precious metals because of it’s beautiful reflective metal. Rhodium is commonly used on mirrors, or jewelry to enhance the shine. While not as common as other metals such as gold and silver, rhodium also falls under the category of metals used in jewelry. It’s no guarantee you’ll find this beautiful metal in every pawn shop, but if you manage to spot it it’s definitely worth looking at or purchasing!

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