When you think of a pawn shop you probably think of old jewelry, your grandma’s old china, and collectibles like baseball cards and coins. However, there’s much more to pawnshops than just antiques and collectibles. Pawnshops are willing to look at anything that can be worth some money. Electronics, firearms, yard equipment, and designer items are all things you can sell to a pawnshop to make some quick cash!

There is always a market for purchasing electronics! Whether it’s your old Iphone, or your laptop from college, chances are your local pawn shop would be interested in buying it. Not everyone can afford a brand new laptop or the latest phone, so pawn shops are a great option for these people to purchase electronics for a great price. Don’t have a phone or computer you need to get rid of? What about your old camera you haven’t touched in years? Digital, film, and polaroid cameras all sell well at pawn shops and can make you a quick buck!

Any type of gun or firearm will probably put some extra money in your pocket when you bring it in to sell. It can be brand new, used, or 30 years old. No matter the condition there’s most likely a collector who would love to add your old gun to their collection!

Power Tools and Yard Equipment:
Do you have tools laying around from your last DIY project? Yard tools from when you were landscaping your yard? Before you donate them, take them to a pawn shop! Clear out old tools from your garage and make some extra space while also getting some cash!

Designer clothing and handbags:
You can bring in almost any designer item to a pawnshop and be almost guaranteed that they’ll buy it from you. Handbags, shoes, belts, hats, anything with that designer label on it is worth selling! Designer items are always in demand, and highly sought after.

Musical instruments
Remember that guitar you bought a few years back that you convinced yourself you would learn how to play? It’s doing you no use sitting in the back of your closet. Pawn shops are the perfect place to sell any old instrument that you don’t get much use out of anymore.

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