Pawnshops are a great place to shop for beautiful fine jewelry rather than traditional jewelry stores. In addition, pawnshops offer unique pieces at significantly discounted prices! This being said, pawn shops are a different experience compared to jewelry shops you may have purchased from before. Keep reading to learn about what you should know before buying from a pawn shop!


Before going to a pawn shop, educate yourself on the costs of popular metal such as gold and silver and the different gemstones. You don’t want to overspend; having an idea about a specific piece’s worth will help you negotiate for the best price.


Take a look at your jewelry collection before heading to a pawn shop. Do you have any pieces that you no longer wear? Instead of letting them collect dust, bring them into the pawnshop to trade for a more desirable piece! You may be able to make a perfectly even trade, earn some money, or cut off a chunk of the cost of the piece you’re purchasing.


Something that differentiates pawn shops from traditional jewelry stores is that they have the option to bargain and negotiate! Not only is negotiating appropriate but it’s also expected. So practice negotiating skills and practices before checking out your local pawn shops. With the right skills, chances are you’ll be able to get the piece you’re eyeing for below the asking price!

Appraisals and proper documentation:

Any reputable pawnshop should have documentation available for any piece of valuable jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones. If it’s not brought up, be sure to ask about it.

Overall, Pawn shops are a great alternative to traditional jewelry stores. If you conduct proper research, negotiate, and keep a sharp eye out for unique pieces, you’ll surely end up with a beautiful new piece of jewelry that you’ll love.

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