Are you trying to declutter your house? It’s hard to know what to toss or donate versus what’s worth selling. Listed below are a few popular items that are popular at pawn shops and other resale stores.

Name Brand / Designer Clothes and Accessories

Gently worn clothing and accessories are constantly being sought after. Be sure to check for any stains, holes, or other imperfections before selling!


Don’t think you will ever reread a book? Used books are always high in demand. Before donating them, try selling! Chances are, you’ll get some extra cash in your pocket.


Instead of shoving old cell phones, cameras, and laptops into boxes to collect dust in your closet, consider selling them to a pawn shop! Even if your electronics are broken, it’s still worth trying to get some money out of them! Often people will purchase broken phones or cameras for parts.

Children’s toys

Kid toys are items that never go out of demand. Board games, dolls, hot wheels, and action figures are just a few examples of highly sought-after toys. Gently used toys that are over a decade old or toys in original packaging can often land you more money than you’d expect.


Any gold, silver, or jewelry with gemstones are always popular in pawn shops and resale stores. Brooches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, as long as they’re made of high-quality materials, chances are your unworn jewelry is valuable.

Collector’s items

Do you have an old Pez dispenser collection sitting in a box somewhere in your basement? A small collection of pokemon cards? A coin collection you haven’t touched in years? Chances are someone else collects what you might think of as junk. Who knows, you might have a rare Pez dispenser you got as a kid that’s valuable now! Dropping by your local pawn shop and seeing what it’s worth can’t hurt!

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