Gold jewelry is precious, valuable, and appreciates at a very profitable rate. It is very practical individuals would wish to learn essential ways in protecting the value of their gold so that it doesn’t damage or depreciate.

Here are certain advisable tips and tricks to take care of gold jewelry

• Use an old soft bristle toothbrush or an immaculate, dry cloth to simply wipe away any unwanted substances and to keep your precious jewelry shining!

• Store precious jewelry in a pouch or airtight bag while you aren’t wearing them – this will keep them secure and help prevent them from tarnishing!

Fixing Broken Gold Chain
Take your broken gold chain or necklace to a certified professional, who can solder the broken pieces together and add additional gold if necessary. Prices would depend on the complexity of the actual damage. Simple gold chain solderings start at around $20.

Dealing with Scratches
Cleaning and polishing with a jewelry cloth will minimize the appearance of minor scratches. If you are looking to remove a deep and significant mark, seek the help of certified jewelry professionals.

Use Anti-Tarnish Paper
While storing your jewelry, wrap each piece or part of it in a quality anti-tarnish paper or an eyeglass cloth. Anti-tarnish paper significantly maintains the sheen or luster of the jewelry.

Separation is Necessary
Do not keep two separate types of jewelry in one box. It is important you store your jewelry in a separate box or secured containers that prevent your baubles from moving around and acquiring scratches and getting broken.

Safety Precautions

• It is recommended one avoids wearing delicate jewelry while exercising, cooking, gymming, swimming, or during the performance of basic household chores. Gold jewelry may get misplaced in the course of daily wear or could be stolen.
• Staying away from extreme exposure to light and heat could protect gemstones like kunzite from fading or discoloring.
• Always wear your jewelry as the last accessory when dressing. It should be done after the application of make-up, cosmetics, perfume, and lotions to avoid any possible damage to its delicacy or shine.

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