Old gaming systems and electronics can quickly gobble up valuable house space. It’s time to make room in your home for the more important things. If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are a few decluttering tips to change the way you live.

It’s challenging for many of us to do away with things that were once used or adored. Not to mention that it’s hard to toss or donate belongings you’ve spent money on. A smart way to declutter your home is to pawn your old belongings and make fast money.

Old computers, gadgets, gaming devices, and wires piling up in your home? Ask yourself this – are you using this particular item? Is the technology now becoming obsolete? Does it even work? Would you like to get rid of it in exchange for a new item or some cash? Whatever you decide, know that responsible decluttering is the way to go.

Pawning Tips for Game Consoles & Electronic Items

#1 Cleaning
Wipe down the old devices, cords, batteries, and other miscellaneous items to get rid of dust and debris. Make the items look presentable to get the right value for your product.

#2 Keeping All Parts Ready
If it’s a gaming console, try to present it with all cords, cables, controllers, and accessories to get the best amount for your system. Similarly, for old computers, cell phones, and digital cameras, gather all the parts that go along with them.

#3 Clearing Any Data Storage
While many pawn shops may help you clear any data history, it’s always best to clear all hard drives yourself. This will help the pawnshop to prepare the system for its resale and allow you to enjoy peace of mind knowing your information is safe.

#4 Bring Items in for Inspection
Bring in your electronics for testing and inspection and prove you’re not offering a defective item. As soon as you demonstrate the product to be functional, you stand to get a decent amount in return.

Unload your unwanted house clutter at Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry and earn some extra cash. Whether you made an impulse buy or bought the item a long time ago, our pawn shop will take the clutter off your hands. In doing so, your home will be more organized and have room for new and truly valuable things. Stop in at our shop and experience an entirely new way of decluttering and shopping.

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