2020 is the perfect time to try a few fun DIY projects as everyone is stuck inside their homes. Easy and inexpensive, these DIY can leave you with a unique memento of the fall season. Head to a local pawnshop to get a firsthand look – many tools will be on display and out of the box so you can actually pick them up. Pawn shops only buy items they know they can turn around and sell, so they won’t have tools that don’t work (everything they purchase is tested), and a pawn shop won’t carry poor-quality brands. Also, the prices will accurately reflect the current value of tools in the marketplace. You can use the second-hand power tools you buy for projects like –

1. DIY Storage Shelf – To make storage shelves, all you need is a plywood sheet, wood glue, and a handful of 8d finish nails. Cut the plywood pieces according to the size requirement. Spread wood glue on the joints, and then nail them together with the nails. First, nail through the sides into the back, and then nail through the top into the sides and back. Finally, mark the location of the two shelves and nail through the sides into the shelves.

2. Wood Pallet Counter – Give your home a fresh, updated look by using wood pallets. Give your treasured books a new home with a quick and easy bookshelf made from wood pallet boards. You’ll break Instagram the minute you post your DIY creation of an utterly charming pallet herb garden wall. All you need is old wooden pallets, a hammer, and nails. Voila! Your best DIY project is done.

3. Create a pretty bird feeder – Temperatures are starting to dip, and the birds flitting about in search of food in the winter would definitely be grateful for any help they can get. Helping them is as easy as buying some birdseed, using pawnshop items and things around your house, and splashing on a little paint! DIY bird feeders are cheap, easy to make, and don’t even need too much time! Painting your projects in bright colors will help attract birds and look ever-so-pretty hanging on your balcony or from a tree in your garden.

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