Secondhand items are not confined to the depths of a musty thrift store. There are some great options for buying used items these days both online and offline. Buying used is not only for antique hunters or the poor and desperate. Secondhand items are not garbage, gross, or inferior to their new counterparts. There are times they may need a little cleanup or a small makeover, but these are part of the joys of buying used. Giving something a new life. Making use of what might otherwise have been thrown away.

The idea of second-hand goods may not be pleasant, but it’s the smell of value and sustainability. Here are the three major reasons you should at least consider buying secondhand:

Eco Friendly

A major advantage of buying secondhand jewelry is that you reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. When you purchase secondhand jewelry, the need or demand for new gemstones reduces. The manufacturing process of production for these valuable items goes down and therefore fewer resources are depleted. Jewelry made from precious metal like gold requires a complex and thorough process involving the burning of fossil fuel. Diamond jewelry requires extensive mining. Such activities cause damage to the environment. When buying pre-owned jewelry, you can be 100% certain that you are making an ethical and conscientious choice.

Support Local Economy

Buying used products supports good causes and the local economy. Buying from a neighbor keeps your money in the neighborhood. Buying from a thrift store supports whatever cause they support – literacy, the disabled, the sick, the blind, or the veterans. Most used stores, even if they are on the Internet, are small mom-and-pop shops, not corporate behemoths. And if you buy used items, you are quite likely keeping serviceable products from being committed to a landfill.

Good Quality At A Lower Cost

Most people worry about authenticity or quality when they are buying used items. However, most pawnbrokers evaluate and test their gold, precious metals, power tools, and other equipment before they put it on display. When it comes to quality, people bring jewelry to pawn shops in various states of disrepair. A reputable pawnbroker will ensure that all the jewelry that is put on display has all its imperfections fixed before putting it out for sale.

Here at Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry, all of our second-hand jewelry is hand-selected, before going through a rigorous inspection process by our specialist goldsmiths. From here, we refurbish and polish the products to ensure a high-quality, like-new finish. Buying secondhand is a big step towards helping both the local economy and the environment.

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