In times like these, students need access to their schools. But when buying a brand-new laptop or computer is out of the question, then what? The answer is pre-owned computers and laptops.

Here are some tips on what to watch out for when you’re looking to purchase a used laptop or computer:

1) Define your needs:

Keep in mind that you need a laptop or computer for a very specific purpose. Used laptops have a vast price range. But if your needs are basic like emails and school assignments, then an overclocked gaming computer is overkill, and expensive. Be honest with yourself and buy specifically for your needs.

2) Check the hardware and software:

If you’re buying a used laptop from an individual and are meeting face to face, the first thing you should do is check if the OS is activated and a genuine copy. Fakes can give you problems later on.

Other things you should check are the ports for your USB sticks, the mouse port, and the headphone port. You’ll want to make sure that the WiFi and Ethernet ports are working since most of us can only get work done with a working WiFi connection.
Keep in mind that most laptops have batteries that last three years. You’re going to want to check the battery life and maybe even consider buying your own if it doesn’t meet your standard.

3) Shop around:

Don’t act on the first good deal you see. Look up other places to compare prices. Additionally, you should look up the price of a used model versus a new one. You wouldn’t want to pay nearly the same price for a used and new model now would you. If the system you plan to use is modular, look up the price of hardware upgrades. Sometimes upgrades and after-sales support can be hard to find and expensive.

Finding a used laptop that serves your needs isn’t particularly difficult as long as you know exactly what you need rather than what you want. Remember the most important thing: you can always walk away from a deal if you think something is not right. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is so!

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