Are you interested in learning music and have finally summed up the will to buy a musical instrument? Well, no matter what instrument you choose, the price tag associated with new models may quickly diminish your aspirations. For beginners trying their hands on a guitar or violin for the first time, they may benefit from pawn outlets that offer expensive musical instruments at secondhand rates.

In fact, musical instruments are one of the most popular items that people look for in pawn shops. Even at Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry, we carry a range of pre-owned musical instruments to cater to your needs and budget. We have over 20 years of experience in the business and can help you embark on your journey to becoming a music artist without breaking your bank.

Here are the many advantages of buying musical equipment from a pawn shop!

The Price Difference
Instead of buying an expensive brand-new musical instrument from a specialized store, you can purchase a similar one from a pawn shop at a lesser amount. Make sure to decide a price point before you visit the shop. It should not be a base price, but rather, the entire amount you are willing to spend. If you are buying an instrument that is in low-quality condition, make sure that it has a good body, as getting it repaired will be cheap and easy.

Multitude of Choices
It is a good idea to know your preference before visiting a pawn shop. While most pawn shops stock a wide selection of musical instruments – of various models and brands – knowing exactly what kind of instrument you want will save you both time and money, as you will be aware of its worth. Check for the wear and tear when making the purchase. Also, check the pitting, pins, and other components.

Great Deals
Many pawn shops carry vintage musical instruments that sound better with age. Purchasing a vintage guitar or violin will cost you comparatively more money than an average guitar, but will still remain affordable. If you purchase it from a reliable pawn broker, like Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry, you will never have to worry as it will have already been checked and assessed for sound.

Barter Opportunities
You get to barter! Feel free to put forth your proposed amount and then settle on a deal that fits well with both you and the pawnbroker. Remember, what a shop pays for a guitar depends largely on its make and model. Hence, do your research properly so that you are able to get the instrument at the right price. If you have prior experience in playing the musical instrument, don’t forget to try it out to determine its quality.

Cost Saving
This is definitely one of the biggest benefits of buying a musical instrument from a pawn shop – you save a lot of money, even when you purchase an instrument from a top brand. Moreover, you can be assured of its quality as good pawnbrokers double-check every item before selling it to the customers. In case, you decide that you no longer want to play the instrument, you won’t feel that your money has gone down the drain. You can also get some of the amount spent on it back by selling it to a pawn shop!

Musical Items You Can Find In Almost Any Pawn Shop

● Electric Guitars
● Acoustic Guitars
● Keyboards
● Synthesizers
● Harmonicas
● Saxophones
● Trumpets
● Flutes
● Piccolos
● Clarinets
● Amplifiers
● And more!

Instruments such as violins and guitars sell quickly. Hence, it is a good idea to check with the pawn shops often to know if any good deals are available. Another thing that you can do is leave the information on what you are looking for. This will allow them to notify you if they find the instrument.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a beginner, Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry can provide an instrument that is perfect for you and your pocket! Learn more about the instrument options we have by calling at 703-777-2520. You can also stop by at our shop which is located at 940-E Edwards Ferry Rd, Leesburg. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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