Are you ready to take the next big step in your relationship and ask your sweetheart to marry you? Prepare before you go down on your knees! A great deal of prep work goes into popping that one question right and makes the moment magical for both! 

Before you begin your search at all the possible jewelers in the city or online, check out your local pawn shops first. Pawn shops also keep a range of engagement rings that require only a little touch-up to go back to looking new again. Besides, chances are that you’ll not only save yourself time and effort in the quest but also significant money! 
Without further ado, let’s get straight into the how-tos of buying the perfect proposal ring at a pawn shop!
Tip 1: Establish Your Selection Criteria Beforehand
Having a clear idea about what exactly you are looking for makes your search a lot easier and helps narrow down your options quickly. Establish accurate details of your potential ring – the size range, types of precious stone, color range, clarity range, and style of the ring (traditional or modern). Also, take notes on the rings you see for making a comparison if you’re going to explore several pawn shops.
Tip 2: Learn To Tell If A Gemstone Is Real
Knowledge is empowering, and the same applies to your jewelry purchases at a pawn store. Gather information on the market prices so that you confidently strike a bargain. Iaf you are buying a diamond ring, look for inclusions (slight imperfections) that form naturally within diamonds. Remember, more inclusions mean more imperfections, which impact the clarity and sparkle of the stone. Also, bring a real ring for making comparisons (ask a friend or relative to help you out!). If you know a person who has good knowledge of diamonds and gemstones, lucky you!
Tip 3: Don’t Reject A Ring Because It Looks Too Simple Or Too Weird
Most buyers will instinctively push aside rings that don’t match or even come close to the image of a perfect ring they carry in mind. However, wise ones don’t! Consider those not-my-type rings too for their gems instead of their setting. If the stone is natural and to your liking, you can buy it for a lower price. You can then get its gem repurposed into a beautiful ring design for a fairly nominal payment.
Tip 4: Enquire About Credentials
With the market infiltrated with lookalikes and treated gemstones, it’s natural to be skeptical about making a sound purchase. It’s possible that the ring that has enchanted you may be treated by filling glasses or exposing to radiation to enhance its sparkle and appearance. And retail stores are less likely to disclose this naughty truth, mind you! Hence, always seek certifications or appraisals and get these credentials in writing from the pawnshop. This guarantees that the ring you have chosen is a genuine, untreated stone. If you later notice any issues, the document will make it easier for you to return the ring.
Tip 5: Bring your Own Appraiser
Buying a ring is a significant investment not only for its price tag but also for all the sentiments it will embody. Don’t undermine the importance of getting it appraised even though the pawnbroker has assured you of its authenticity. Select a trusted, certified appraiser before you purchase your ring. An appraiser helps determine the actual value of a ring entirely, from the embedded gemstone to the setting. It lays out the valuation of the ring in terms of quality or condition along with the estimated price and a thorough description of the jewelry. However, be cautious to not disclose any details about your purchase to the appraiser or mention the appraiser’s name at your pawn shop. Also, don’t go to an appraiser recommended by your pawnbroker.

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