Summer breaks are over, and it’s time to do some back-to-school shopping for your kid’s upcoming academic year. It becomes even more necessary if your kid has just graduated and will be going to college soon. Apart from the obvious essentials, such as new clothes and regular stationery supplies, youngsters also need items that help them indulge in extra-curricular activities.

At Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry, we carry everything your kid may need to embark on his new school-year journey. Come to us to find great deals on instruments as well as electronic items like laptops, computers, tablets, calculators, and smartphones. We also offer small second-hand appliances, such as mini-fridges and toaster ovens, to make dorm life easy for your kid.

In this blog, we will be sharing information on what all you can buy from a pawn shop for your child’s new school or college year.

Why Choose A Pawn Shop?

A new school (or college) year means having to pay for school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, club dues, tuition, and more. This can prove to be very taxing on your bank account. You can cut down on these expenses easily by choosing to shop from a pawn place. Most of the pawnshops carry products that are fairly new and are in good working condition. Not only that, but since these are used items, you can also bargain and get them at a lesser cost than the original price.

Things To Buy From A Pawn Shop

Musical Instruments
Pawnshops are usually stocked with various musical instruments – all of which are thoroughly checked for damages. If you are buying an instrument from a pawn shop in your locality, make sure that you are aware of its retail price and do the necessary bargains to get it at a reasonable rate. Choose a pawnshop that holds a good reputation.

You can purchase a range of electronic items from pawnshops, including laptops, computer systems, DVDs, TVs, and more. Some even deal with hi-tech electronics like GPS units and iPods. Opt for a pre-owned but well-functioning, branded product that you know will last for quite some time.

Portable Appliances
Looking for a mini-fridge or sporting equipment for your kid’s dorm room? Make way to your nearest pawnshop to get quality merchandise at a fraction of the cost! Do test your item before you make the purchase, so that you know it is working smoothly. Try to avoid appliances that are more than two years old.

Other Options For You

Sell The Unwanted Items
If you have school supplies from previous years that you are not using anymore, you can sell them to a pawn shop. This will help you earn some quick cash which you can use to buy new supplies. You can also invite your friends and family to organize a swap to trade school uniforms, book bags, and more!

Take A Pawn Loan
Another thing that you can do is take a pawn loan. It does not require a lengthy application process and is an easy way to get some money. For a pawn loan, you use some kind of valuable item that you own as collateral for the money you wish to borrow. There is always a contract involved in this.

Keep An Eye On The Tax-Free Weekend
Postpone your back-to-school shopping plan to the tax-free weekend! All the states host a tax-free weekend every year. Also known as sales tax holidays, this weekend offers an opportunity for shoppers to buy items such as clothing and school supplies at reasonable rates.

By opting to buy from a pawn shop, you can easily save a lot on your expenses. Visit Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry today to make some quick cash or buy items at a fraction of the cost. Our experienced pawnbroker will help you meet all your college or school supply needs! We can be reached at 703-777-2520.

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