It doesn’t matter if you are a novice coin collector trying to get a better understanding of this world or a knowledgeable numismatist with a proud collection of his own, storing your coins the right way is an absolute must to retain their value. Remember, your coins will always be worth more if they are sold in good condition.

Since most of the coins are made up of metals that tend to deteriorate over time, it is important to protect and store them properly. Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry knows that your coins are precious to you. That’s why we are sharing some really useful tips to help you keep them shining for years to come!

Cleaning The Coins
● If you own uncirculated coins, avoid cleaning them altogether. The harsh chemicals in abrasive cleaners often damage the coins’ polish and discolor them.
● You can clean circulated coins. However, it must be done gently. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you clean them.
● Use a mild detergent and lukewarm water for cleaning. Also, keep a soft cloth or towel aside for drying them.
● Handle one coin at a time. Be gentle while rubbing both sides of the coin, especially its edges.
● Use distilled water and not tap water to clean the coins. After which, let the coins dry by themselves. Don’t store them until they are properly dry.
● Remember, at best, cleaning dirt from the surface is the only cleaning that you should do.

Keeping The Coins
● Make sure that you have sufficient supplies to properly store and care for your coins.
● The basic supplies include coin holders, folders, magnifying glasses, gloves, and a soft pad.
● The basic supplies are for beginners. More experienced collectors might need advanced equipment such as a digital scale, a microscope, and more.
● To showcase the coin, you can use coin folders, coin albums, or coin holders.
● Coin folders are inexpensive and great for new collectors, while advanced collectors can opt for coin albums for more protection.
● While you are at it, take a few additional steps and get your coins insured. This will help you cover the cost of replacing your prized collection in case it gets stolen or damaged.

Handling The Coins
● Always hold coins by their edges. If possible, wear gloves every time you take them out.
● Wear cotton or polythene gloves instead of latex ones. This protects the coins from corrosive oils and acids on your hands.
● When outside the holder, make sure to lay the coins on cushioned surfaces. The surfaces must be soft and clean.
● A velvet pad is perfect for rare, precious coins. For others, you can use cloth or paper, just make sure that it is clean.
● Never drag coins across a hard surface, as this may damage their polish.

Storing The Coins
● Apart from using coin holders and albums, you can also use clear styrene coin tubes to store your valuable coins.
● If you are looking for a more economical solution, envelopes and individual cardboard holders are great alternatives.
● Place each coin in a separate envelope or holder. Ensure that the envelopes or holders are acid-free and label them with a photo-safe ink.
● PVC-free plastic bags, commonly called ‘flips’, are also a great option to store your coins. However, they can be slightly expensive.
● Keep your most rare and valuable coins in hard plastic holders. They are more expensive than normal holders, but they provide good protection.

There are many factors such as humidity, extreme heat or cold, and air pollution that may affect your coins and damage them. By understanding these factors, you can easily take the necessary steps to protect your coins.

If you need an expert’s guidance on the best ways to store your coins, talk to our professionals at Loudoun Exchange & Jewelry. We are always available to help you at 703-777-2520.

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