From the days of antiquity, various cultures around the world have associated gemstones with unusual powers. Found in different tints and hues, these unique gems are revered as much for their mystical features and meanings as they are for their allure.

When cut and shaped to perfection, gemstone-engraved jewelry pieces are frequently used to mark and celebrate the significant milestones of our lives such as engagements, anniversaries, marriages, friendships and more.

Among all the natural gemstones that have been discovered on the face of the earth, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the most coveted of all. Here we tell you the key attributes that make these high prized gems the proudest possessions for us.

The most popular of all, diamonds have been a symbol of eternal love and purity since time immemorial. Diamonds were first discovered in the mines of India in 4th century BC where their unconquerable strength gave them the traditional symbol of authority.
Also known as the stone of invincibility, diamonds are the hardest of all natural substances and are believed to attract superior strength, wealth, victory, and fortitude to the wearer.

While diamonds are “unconquerable,” it is the ruby that is called the king of all gems. Drawn from the Sanskrit word “ratnaraj” (where “ratna” means jewel and ‘raj’ means rule by the king), rubies have been an enduring symbol of power and royalty.
Rubies were first discovered in Asia where they were traded through the Silk Route in 200 BC. The crimson color of a ruby is symbolic of power over life as rubies are believed to improve motivation and help in reviving the emotions of love and passion.

Emeralds are associated with power and royalty, and their green texture is believed to promote growth, peace, and deliberation. This unique gem was first found in the mines of Egypt in 330 BC. Emeralds earned their royal reputation from none other than the legendary Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, whose crown as well as entire palace glistened with its green, celestial hue.
In ancient times, emeralds were a sacred talisman of healing, fertility, and immortality. Today, they are one of the few gems that are associated with a wide range of emotions and life’s experiences, and are gifted to reaffirm a close bond.

Not as hard as diamonds, sapphires were first discovered in 1865 in Montana, the Treasure State. They are found in a variety of colors, but the violet and blue shades are the most prized among all. For a long time, sapphires have represented truth, nobility, sincerity, and faithfulness.
The blue hue of sapphire formerly signified heaven and was believed to bring spiritual insight, good fortune, and protection against the evil. Today, sapphires are popular as a stone of wisdom and learning. They are thought to increase mental acuity and unfold spiritual truth to the wearer.

To be sure, natural gemstones can make up for the most meaningful and precious gift on any occasion. Whether you wear it as a pendant or place it on your loved one’s finger, you can rely on these mystical gemstones to accentuate beauty as well as add meaning to the life of the wearer!

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