Many people play musical instruments and typically go to the big box stores to find what they are looking for. When you’re looking for guitars, amplifiers, drum sets, keyboards and other musical instruments, do you think about heading to our pawn shop?

If you don’t, you definitely should! We are a great source of musical equipment, and we know that our instruments can benefit you in these other ways:

A Nice Selection

When you come to us, you will notice that we have quite the selection of musical instruments. We have all walks of life that come through our doors and bring with them a variety of instruments to choose from. It’s always a fun treasure trove of what we have to offer, and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. We have musical equipment that ranges from gently used and in like-new condition, while some might be a bit more worn out. If you check back regularly, though, you can always enjoy an ever-changing selection, so you may be able to find some “treasures” that you wouldn’t be able to easily find elsewhere.

A Cheaper Option

As we have already pointed out, the big box stores offer all the equipment you would ever need with all the bells and whistles at very high prices. When you buy your musical instruments with us, you will have a more affordable option for something that looks like it came from the same store. Not only can you get the same quality of equipment, but you would also get more of it because you’ll be saving more money with each purchase.

Trade In Old Musical Equipment

One thing that you might not realize is that we will buy your old musical equipment from you or allow you to trade it toward purchases in the store. Therefore, if you are ready to upgrade to a new and better guitar, you can bring in your old guitar and put it toward your purchase. This can help you constantly improve your musical equipment collection without having to pull out of pocket for the whole price each time.

Come See Us Today!

If you’re looking for the best pawn shop in Leesburg, Virginia, come see us today! Please stop by our pawn shop to see what we can do to work together to satisfy your needs. We look forward to seeing you!

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